Expecting a new addition?

At South Texas Center for Pediatric Care we know a new baby can be quite the adjustment and you may have many questions. One of the first decisions is picking the right pediatrician. If you have any questions or would like to meet one of our doctors, please contact us and we would be happy to provide the answers you need.

If you have already chosen to come to South Texas Center for Pediatric Care then we can begin taking of your child from in the hospital. When you arrive for delivery at your hospital, they will ask you who will be your child’s pediatrician, please tell them South Texas Center for Pediatric Care or one of our doctor’s name. The hospital will notify our staff and we will see your baby within 24 hours of birth and throughout the hospital stay. We currently have staff privileges at North Central Baptist, St. Lukes Baptist, Main Methodist Women’s and Children, Metropolitan Methodist and Downtown Baptist Hospitals. If your child is born at another hospital, please follow-up with us as instructed by the covering physician.